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What maintenance work does the Non-woven Folding Machine need to do

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What maintenance work does the non-woven folding machine need to do? Although the performance and use time of the bed folding machine are determined by itself, the reduced performance and shortened use time are related to whether the nonwoven equipment  needs to be maintained or not. What maintenance does the non-woven folding machine need?


When the non-woven folding machine starts in the morning and ends in the evening, wipe the parts touched by the sheets with a clean and non-drying rag. This can wipe off the fiber fluff that fell in the day, and then you can also wipe the fallen fiber. Wipe off the dust, and check whether the compressed air pressure meets the requirements for use every day when using the linen folding machine. If it is normal, you can directly start the folding work. If it is not normal, you need to check whether the relevant accessories are malfunctioning. Go to the folding machine.


The laundry room where the nonwoven equipment is located tends to have relatively humid air. The ironing machine connected to it will produce water vapor when ironing sheets. Therefore, some parts of the non-woven folding machine will inevitably also have water accumulation. At this time, you also need to use a clean and dry rag to dry the parts with water. Please note that it must be done when the equipment is stopped. It is best to do it when the power is off to avoid harm to the staff. occur.


Lubricating oil is a relatively common thing, because as long as it is machinery or household products with transmission accessories such as bearings and chains, it is regularly used. Non-woven folding machines are no exception, because the daily workload is relatively large and the transmission The lubricating oil is consumed quickly in the parts, so it is often necessary to apply it for a week or so. This maintenance is very important for folding machines and other laundry equipment. I hope that the relevant laundry staff can do it well.


The maintenance of the non-woven folding machine alleviates the shortening of the equipment use time, and also ensures the efficiency of the equipment. The maintenance content and cycle are introduced above


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