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Talking about the development of non-woven production line

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In recent years, my country's textile industry has undergone considerable changes compared to the past. With the emergence of various textile machinery and equipment, manpower has gradually been replaced by machinery. Cloth is a common thing in people’s daily life. With the increase of material level, there are also various varieties of cloth. As a more cost-effective and highly flexible non-woven technology, non-woven production line Woven fabrics occupy a relatively large share of the entire market. Although the growth rate of global nonwovens' overall production capacity has slowed in recent years, the industry's investment in spunmelt nonwovens is very intensive. As global manufacturers will continue to install new production lines to meet the growing demand in the hygiene and non-sanitary materials market, and the new production lines use more advanced technology, it is estimated that by 2022, the production capacity of spunmelt nonwoven materials will increase by 1.8%.

Driven by the two factors of market growth and technological progress, the non-woven production line has at least 15 spunmelt non-woven material production lines that "cross borders" have been put into operation as of the end of April this year, each with a production capacity of 300,000 tons. about. According to the industry, the spunmelt nonwoven material market will continue to grow in the future.

"These production lines are all driven by strategic investment and modernization needs. In different regions, new production lines are responding to the growth of the sanitary products market, or are replacing older production lines." Industry analyst David · Prius explained that the increase in market demand for medical and health products will promote the continuous expansion of the spunmelt nonwovens field: the team of new customers in the spunmelt market in the developing regions is growing rapidly, and a large number of new high-tech companies are quickly integrated into the market, and they are developed. Spunmelt nonwoven manufacturers in the region have improved their production lines to make their products more cost-effective. In fact, in addition to medical and sanitary products, some companies are gradually shifting their R&D efforts to industrial products. According to statistics from professional organizations, the consumption of spunmelt nonwoven products in industrial applications has reached 52%, which is slightly higher. Consumption in the sanitary products market.

The spunmelt nonwoven material market in Europe and North America currently has overcapacity, but the growth in demand for this technology in Asia and Africa, especially the high demand in the Chinese market, will promote the installation of spunmelt nonwoven material production lines. Significantly improved. In fact, Japan’s Toray and the US Berry Group have announced investment plans for new production lines in China.

With the rapid development of the domestic economy and the improvement of the consumption level of residents, consumers have higher and higher requirements for spunbonded nonwoven materials. Lightweight, thinner, homogeneous, and diversified have become a new development trend. Take the diaper market as an example. The high requirements of domestic consumers for the softness of spunmelt nonwoven materials for diapers have prompted global manufacturers to adjust their production processes. Many companies choose to increase the hot-air bonding process or improve the combing process. The softness of spunmelt nonwoven materials. "Consumers and the industry need lighter, softer, and more refined sanitary products, so we also need to improve our production equipment to adapt to this change in demand." This has become the vast majority of spunmelt nonwoven material manufacturers Heartfelt.


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