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Simple daily maintenance and maintenance of non-woven machinery equipment opening machine

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Although there is a special equipment exhibition, Changshu Hongyi Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, production and management of non-woven equipment. The company is engaged in opener, opener, vibrating cotton machine and big warehouse. Cotton machine, air pressure cotton machine, oven, needle punching machine, ironing machine, laying machine, carding machine, winder, control system and other products. Because this equipment-oriented, field-specific exhibition has the largest potential market for equipment manufacturers, and equipment has always been an indispensable part of the complete industrial chain, it always gets the attention of the industry.

With the increasing demand for deep processing of industrial textiles, post-finishing processing is an indispensable equipment for improving industrial textiles. We must rely on the post-finishing processing technology in the traditional textile field, and make up for domestic finishing with product performance as the basic requirement. The equipment is seriously lagging and insufficient. Although domestic production lines can be produced in a variety of ways, some equipment and high-end equipment are still dependent on imports. Domestically produced equipment still needs to be improved and improved. According to the functional and special characteristics of industrial textiles, China is urgently needed. The development is to increase the width, high speed, high temperature of existing equipment and the development and application of post-processing equipment.

As the global textile production focus has shifted to Asia, the Chinese market has become a must for domestic and foreign industrial textile companies. It indicates that the market structure and competitors of the world's industrial textiles are quietly changing. To this end, the development of production, research and development is an effective way to improve the application of products. In addition, with the transfer and localization of foreign companies, the gap with foreign countries can also be gradually shortened. Many internationally renowned enterprises have invested and built factories in China and gradually realized localization in China, which undoubtedly provides us with opportunities for learning.


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