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Non-woven fabric application range

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Changshu Hongyi Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development,development and production of Nonwoven Fabric Machine.

Non-woven fabrics are non-woven fabrics that are not formed by weaving or knitting, so they are also called "non-woven fabrics." Its raw materials are synthetic fibers or natural fibers. People can choose fiber raw materials according to the purpose of the final product, determine different manufacturing methods, and produce products of different specifications.


Ultra-thin non-woven fabric is a member of the big family of non-woven fabrics. It is as light as yarn and as white as cotton batting. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, non-toxicity, breathability, light transmission, and soft texture. It uses low-melting fiber and high-melting fiber as synthetic raw materials, and adopts the production process of hot-melt non-woven fabrics. It is processed by carding, web forming, ply thermoforming, coiling, slitting and other processes. This process flow Compared with the conventional withered method, it can increase the work efficiency more than twice.


Ultra-thin non-woven fabrics can be processed into many kinds of products, which are very versatile.


First of all, it is an ideal medical sanitary material. It has proper strength, flexibility, good moisture absorption, breathability and blood water diffusion, can effectively resist bacterial penetration and liquid pollution, and can effectively control the way of pollution, avoid cross-infection, and reduce the shedding and purification of dust and hair. Operating environment, convenient use, and convenient storage, and these advantages are just beyond the reach of traditional cotton textile and viscose textile sanitary materials. "Ultra-thin non-woven fabrics" can be made into first aid kits, wound compresses, surgical towels, bandages, rubber, absorbent cotton, etc.


Ultra-thin non-woven fabrics have many uses in industrial and agricultural production. They can be used as insulation and reinforcement materials in turtle cables, synthetic leather base fabrics, food packaging bags, filter materials, high-strength paper, lens paper, Chinese medicine bags, Wiping cloths, lining of brocade boxes for handicrafts, linings of general clothing, fruit protective covers, nursery mats, etc. In addition, the embossing process can also be used to make beautiful and elegant napkins, tablecloths, tablecloths and other daily necessities.


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