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Hard cotton preferred Changshu Hongyi non-woven machinery, good manufacturing quality, good performance

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Changshu Hongyi Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of non-woven equipment, in non-woven machinery, non-woven production line equipment, vibration to cotton machine, Taicang blending machine, oven, air pressure cotton machine, manufacturing field, technology At the leading level. The company mainly produces non-woven machinery equipment such as opener, opener, non-woven production line equipment, geotextile production line equipment, hard cotton production line, spray film production line, etc., as well as oven needle punching machine and other weaving machinery. Established a mature after-sales service team.


The company has advanced production equipment, technology and raw materials from China, and has established a technically competent production team. The main production: hard cotton, environmentally friendly hot pressed cotton, needled cotton and other products. The products are exported to overseas Canada, Taiwan, and the domestic customer base is distributed everywhere. The company's products are highly qualified and appreciated by customers with a full range of products, exquisite workmanship, stable quality, fast delivery and low price.


The company's products are suitable for: mattress production, air filtration, water filtration, painting equipment, speaker sound absorption, craft products, etc., the production process does not use harmful materials such as glue spray paint, after 230 degrees Celsius high temperature treatment, not only enhances the flexibility of the product. Sex, can kill bacteria, the product has passed the test and assessment of the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong), is a new type of embracing material, has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, no harmful substances, especially suitable for mattresses, sofas, etc. Furniture production. The new product development ability is extremely strong and fast; all products belonging to hot pressed cotton, needled cotton, fireproof cotton, filter materials, etc., as long as the samples are provided, can basically be produced according to the samples. Welcome to the electricity consultation and request free samples.


We use environmentally-friendly hard cotton to use high-quality imported 4080 low-melting fiber, polyester hollow as raw material, and it is evenly heated and shaped by combing, laying net and drying room.


Everyone is very concerned about the benefits of raw materials used in hard cotton. Here are a few points that everyone summarizes:


1. Breathable and permeable function: It has a three-dimensional spatial mesh display structure. The structure contains 72,000 venting holes, which make the hot air and moisture come and go freely, comfortable and breathable, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and effectively prevent the respiratory tract. And various types of rheumatism and other diseases.


3, anti-insect and anti-bacterial function: the mattress is taken from nature and plant fiber itself, through high-tech ultrasonic hot-melt method, to achieve insecticidal and bactericidal effect, to avoid causing skin allergies and other symptoms


4, hard cotton is moderately soft and hard, very popular among middle-aged and elderly people.


5, hard cotton does not contain glue, no methanol: (General mattresses are made of chemical glue and glue, especially coir mattress, chemical glue contains a lot of chemical substances methanol, methanol release exceeded the standard, The damage to the human body is very large, which may cause cancer. The natural material used in the mattress hard cotton is bonded by hot air penetration technology, without any glue, 100% methanol free, health and environmental protection)


6. Reusable mattress: Hard cotton is made of high-quality chemical fiber, with sufficient air permeability, good resilience, great tensile force, no aging, washing resistance, and harmless to the human body. Can be sewn into a variety of curved shapes, long-term deformation. It is the best environmentally friendly products and auxiliary materials for high-grade mattresses, sofa cushions, travel mats, and car seats. It is a new type of substitute product that the national quality inspection organization fully affirms and strongly advocates for development. It is gradually replacing foam sponge and coconut palm, making mattresses, sofa cushions, chairs, beach chairs, medical mattresses, massage chairs, and health care equipment.


With advanced equipment and adhering to the management tenet of “Quality First, Service Supreme”, the company has continuously developed and innovated varieties, which are highly praised by users. Welcome来人, call, sample order.


The company also has a furniture material store and a non-woven production line to provide mattress manufacturers with "one-stop" service for mattress materials. The material store has a variety of mattress materials, including cotton felt, PVC film, side belts, plastic nets, glue, various gun nails, wind buckles, bamboo carbon and so on.



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