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HONGE-High Speed Nonwoven Carbon Apron Cross Lapper Macchine With Servo Motor

Input Width:1500-4200mm
Output Width:1500/4200-900mm
Input Speed:30-90m/min
Output Speed:1-15m/min
  • 2500*3800
  • HYPW

HONGE-High Speed Nonwoven Carbon Apron Cross Lapper  Macchine With Servo Motor 

 Cross Lapper 

Functionality & application:

Convert the fiber sheet to the overlapped form. With the ability to adjust the thickness, weight and evenness of end product. It's used for the productions of needle punching, thermal bonding, spunlace, etc.


1. Synchronous and frequency conversion control with position switch.

2. Each lapping belt driven by independent transmission.

3. Clamping infeed lattice with anti-static apron, steady reciprocated carrier.

4. Easy operation and maintenance

Product Description

Product Application

High quality anti-static carbon type aprons,light weight rollers
It utilizes servo motor and servo controller system or inverter with web storage and profiling function to keep the web thickness uniformly
Double Servo motor central controlling system and PLC touch screen interface.this provides high quality web controlled by computer to ensure quality as well as speed
Main specifications
Input width :2700mm
Output width :3800mm
Lapping speed :up to 80m/min
Suitable web weight :down to 20g/m2

Detailed Images

Above quoted machines are HongYI standard. 

 All electrics, motors and inverter are HongYi  standard.
PLC & Touch screen: Inovance
 Inverter: Emerson American brand
 Motors: Simens Beide
Color of machine is to be specified by customer.
 Application of final product: needle punching fabric
 Product gsm scope: 80~1000 gsm
Machine capacity: 200kg/h (taking 6D fiber, 500gsm as testing standard)
Specification of raw material: 15D*64mm PET, Low melt fiber and other one
he seller is responsible for arranging 1 or 2 engineers to buyer’s factory toinstall machines and do training of buyer’s workers.

Our Service

01 warranty
The warranty period shall be valid for 12 months after completion of the commissioning.During the warranty period, if any defect and fault is discovered, HONGYI grants a prompt action to solve the problem.
02 Installation & maintenance
HONGYI will send one or two engineers to the Buyer’s factory to help the Buyer to do the installation and commissioning of the line at the request of the Buyer. The Buyer should provide the allowance , round-trip air tickets, accommodation, workers and translator.

The installation and commissioning will take around 1 month.

Packing & Delivery
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