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China's non-woven equipment market demand characteristics and development direction

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At present, the mutual penetration of various processes in the production process of non-woven fabrics has become a clear trend in the direction of hybridization and compounding, and the cooperation between different industries and different industries is deepening. The cost advantage of using domestic non-woven equipment can save more than 2/3 on average. At present, the most urgent thing is to benefit from time, and the equipment should develop in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, high yield and high quality.


Non-woven equipment is rapidly developing in the direction of wide, large and differentiated. At present, acupuncture, spunbond and other non-woven equipment have basically achieved localization, and the overall production cost has been reduced by 20%. However, high-end equipment still relies on imports, wide-width carding machines with a width of more than 3 meters, and wide-width high-frequency needle-punching machines. The market status of high heat-resistant setting machines has not been fundamentally changed, and the differentiation of domestic spunbond equipment is still a short board. In recent years, the domestic new production capacity is mainly concentrated in the aspects of spunbond hot rolling, polyester hot rolling, polyester needle punching, etc., and the research and development of personalized equipment with certain market demand is not enough. The polyester spunbonded carpet base fabric production line and the two-component spunbond hydroentangled cracking production line have not yet achieved a substantial breakthrough. Although China is already a big country in the world of spunbond production, it still needs to import nearly 10,000 tons of carpets and filter base fabrics at a high price every year. The differentiation of spunbond equipment is still a long-term effort.


At present, the focus of non-woven equipment finishing equipment is to support recycling and energy saving. Many companies' products have begun to focus on energy saving. This is a good phenomenon and trend. Most of these equipments are suitable for knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, and other applications. For non-woven fabrics, there are still differences in the requirements for these fabrics in actual production. For example, the high-yield energy-saving spunlace non-woven complete sets of equipment industrialization, water-saving and energy-saving must meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, the entire production line is flexible, can adjust different process conditions according to different raw materials, equipment operation is safe and reliable is differentiated production An example of getting better results.


Non-woven equipment manufacturers, especially those in Europe, still lead the development of non-woven technology. Most of them hold some core technologies in their fields, and meet the needs of new product development in the market through combined processes and composite technologies. Large-scale, functional, modular, high-capacity, energy-saving and environmental protection is still the key development direction of the non-woven equipment production line. What are the advantages of non-woven equipment in China? The non-woven equipment adopts double-bearing closed bushings with high precision, which can make the fibers fully combed and the cotton net more uniform. The equipment is mainly made of non-woven fabrics, melt-blown fabrics, etc., and uses ultrasonic pressure cutting function to produce a kind of mechanical equipment of various shapes and sizes of filter cotton. The following small series mainly introduces you to the advantages of the product, so that you can use it better.


Can achieve full automation,

The operator only needs 1-2 people, which greatly saves labor resources and reduces production costs;

The production speed can be adjusted within a certain range, and the operation is flexible and not easy to make mistakes;

The product uses touch screen operation, and the operation is accurate and stable.

The equipment has a residual material recovery function in the production process, which is helpful for secondary utilization.

The equipment not only reduces labor intensity, but also increases work efficiency.


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