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Card market development prospects

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The working efficiency of the carding machine is continuously improved as the carding elements and the carding process are improved. In the 1950s, the high-speed strong-combination process was studied, which further improved the production capacity of the carding machine. In order to meet the requirements of widely used metal card clothing and high speed, the carding machine has been generally equipped with a doffer variable speed (fast and slow speed) device to facilitate the operation; using an autoleveling device (see drafting autoleveling) to improve the length of the fiber strip The unevenness of the weight of the fragments; automatic change of cylinders and various safety and process self-stop devices to reduce the labor intensity of workers, increase the equipment for sucking off cotton, flying flowers and dust, improve the working environment and reduce the yarn defect. Modern carding machines continue to develop in the direction of quality, high yield and low consumption. Due to the small spacing of the needle surface of the carding machine, the running speed is getting higher and higher, and people pay more attention to improving the processing precision of the machine parts, improving the quality of the card clothing, and ensuring the stability and reliability of the carding action. Under high-speed operating conditions, the equipment for anti-rolling safety, cotton suction and dust removal has yet to be further improved. Measures such as additional combing parts, double-line grouping, carding, combing and joining on the card are also gradually adopted. In some countries, the widening of the machine width, the improvement of the combing ability of the main comb part, the improvement of the carding machine parts, and the improvement of the ability to remove the grass are listed as subjects in the exploration.


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