Meltblown cloth filtration principle characteristics and standards

2022-09-28 21:50

2. Principles

Microwave is a very short wavelength of electromagnetic waves, wavelength between 1mm to 1m, and its corresponding frequency between 300GHz and 300MHz. In order to prevent microwave interference to radio communications, broadcasting and radar, international regulations for microwave heating and microwave drying frequency have four sections, respectively: L section, the frequency of 890 ~ 940MHz, the centre wavelength of 330mm; S section, the frequency of 2400 ~ 2500MHz, the centre wavelength of 122mm; C section, the frequency of 5725 ~ 5875MHz, the centre wavelength of Only L-band and S-band are used in home microwave ovens.

The core of microwave drying equipment is the microwave generator, the current microwave drying frequency is mainly 2450 MHz, mostly used in chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, wood, building materials, paper products and other industries, can also be used for food, agricultural and sideline products, such as the sterilization.